How Do Arizona Defensive Driving Schools Work?

Are you looking to dismiss a traffic ticket that you recently received? If you've never attended an Arizona defensive driving school, or even if you have, the process can be a bit confusing. Between eligibility, registration, verification, completion and submission, it is easy to see how anyone can end up a little lost when trying to navigate their way through the defensive driving world. Luckily, we are here to simply it for you!

Eligibility Requirements

Before you enroll in an Arizona defensive driving school you'll want to sure that you are eligible to do so. Arizona defensive driving requirements are as follows:

Arizona Defensive Driving School Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the defensive driving requirements listed above you can complete am Arizona defensive driving course and dismiss your traffic ticket.

How Does It Work?

Great, you're eligible! But what's next? There are only a few easy steps until your traffic ticket is dismissed, your driving record is clean and your auto insurances rates are safe from increases:

Step 1: Register for an Arizona Supreme Court approved course.

Make sure that the program you choose has to proper approval. If you don't choose an Arizona Supreme Court approved course you won't receive credit for your work. Once you have selected your course you can either fill out the enrollment form online or over the phone with a representative. You will need your driver's license and your traffic citation when registering for a course.

Step 2: Submit Your Verification Documents

Per Arizona Supreme Court guidelines, all Arizona defensive driving school students must submit verification documents to confirm eligibility before beginning the course. These documents are a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your traffic citation. Most schools will allow you to wither mail, fax, email, or upload these documents. Once they are received, the school will verify you thought the state and you will be able to make your payment and begin the program.

Step 3: Make Payment

Once you are verified you can start working on the course after you make a payment. You will pay all fees to your defensive driving school. The fees for Arizona defensive driving school include four different fees: the court diversion fee (varies), the state fee ($20.00), the state surcharge ($45.00) and the defensive driving school fee (varies). For an estimate of your defensive driving cost, please Click Here.

Step 4: Complete Your Course

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, registered, been verified and made a payment, all that's left to do is take the course! Arizona defensive driving requirements dictate that the program last a total of 4½ hours and most online courses, like our easy and convenient program will allow you to start and stop as you please. Keep in mind that you must complete the course 7 dull days before your due date. If you need more time you can contact your traffic court for an extension, but don't forget to inform your course provider if you do.

Step 5: Have Your Ticket Dismissed

Once you finish the course your defensive driving provider should take care of submitting your proof of completion to the court and having your traffic ticket dismissed. Our course even provides you with an Instant Completion Certificate.

That's it! Just a few steps to complete and you will keep your driving record clean, stop your insurance rates from rising and become a better defensive driver.

What Do You Learn From An Arizona Defensive Driving School?

Speaking of becoming a better driver, you're probably wondering what you will learn in a defensive driving course. During the course of an Arizona defensive driving school, you will learn about laws, rules, techniques and more, including:

Arizona defensive driving school curriculum Image

What's Next?

Now that you know exactly how defensive driving in Arizona works, there's nothing left to do but get started. Enroll Now in our quick and easy online course!

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