AZ Defensive Driving Tips and Techniques

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation's 2011 Crash Facts, there were 103, 423 traffic crashes in Arizona alone in 2011. Of them, 49,550 people were injured, averaging to one injury about every 10 minutes on our roads. 857 people were killed in traffic crashes, which is one death every 10 hours. Alcohol was involved in 5% of all crashes and 30% of all fatal crashes. The economic impact of these accidents was a staggering $2.893 billion.

There were 196,392 driving violations involved in Arizona crashes in 2011. The most common cause for an accident was speeding. The top six accident-causing violations in Arizona in 2011 were:

  1. Speeding
  2. Distraction
  3. Failure to Yield Right-of-Way
  4. Improper Turn
  5. Unsafe Lane Change
  6. Following Too Closely

To cut down on traffic crashes, injuries and deaths, drivers can utilize defensive driving techniques to improve their safety on the road. Keep reading to discover some helpful AZ defensive driving tips that will make you a better, safer driver.

AZ Defensive Driving Tips

Plan Ahead

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Before you plan to hit the road, think about factors that might alter your driving environment. Is it raining? Is it rush hour? Are you driving with children? All of these scenarios and many more require you to use specific driving tactics to ensure your safety.

Pay Attention

Scan ahead and keep your eyes on the road. While you may be following all of the traffic safety laws, other drivers may not be. If someone is swerving or speeding near you it is best to stay away from them, and, if need be, alert the authorities. Hazards can come from anywhere. Whether it's another driver, a blockage in the road or even a pedestrian, be sure that you are alert and prepared to act if need be.

Watch Your Speed

Speeding has killed millions. You may be in a rush or simply have a "need for speed", but that doesn't mean that it is okay for you to endanger not only your life, but your passengers and other drivers as well. Increased speed equals an increased chance for a collision or to lose control of your car. Pay attention to posted speed limits and don't forget to alter your speed to match the driving environment

Control Your Emotions

Aside from getting enough sleep, which is very important for AZ defensive driving, you want to ensure that the other aspects of your mental state are appropriate for driving. If you are stressed, driving might be too much to handle. Getting angry on the road not only inhibits your driving abilities, but also makes you prone to aggressive driving. Crying? Pull over. Tears obstruct your vision making you incapable of driving defensively.

Eliminate Distractions

Distracted driving is the new drunk driving and this epidemic is not limited to teenagers. Distractions aren't limited to cell phones, however. Changing your radio or talking to a passenger also takes your attention off of the road. Others eat, read, or apply makeup while on the road; all of this is simply an accident waiting to happen. Eliminate distractions and you will improve your safety behind the wheel.

Drive Defensively

We've all played at least on sport in our lives and we can learn a thing or two from sports while we are driving. Think of you, your car and your passengers as your team. Every time you get on the road you must defend them. Don't let another car, distraction or hazard threaten your team from your goal or arriving to your destination safely. Focus on your goal and you will get there!

AZ Defensive Driving Courses

When you take an AZ defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket, secure an insurance discount, or, simply to become a better driver, you will learn these and more defensive driving techniques. If you need to take a course, we offer a fun and engaging educational experience for Arizona drivers.