Benefits of Attending Arizona Traffic School

So you got an Arizona traffic ticket? No big deal; we've all been there before. Now that you have the citation you are probably wondering: what's next? Well, you have a few options here:

  1. Pay the fine.
  2. Attend an Arizona traffic school to dismiss ticket.
  3. Fight the ticket.

Of all three options, we would definitely recommend that you complete an Arizona traffic school course. First of all, trying to fight a ticket is tiresome and can be even more expensive than the ticket itself. Second of all, if you choose to simply pay the fine, you will continue to pay for this mistake for years to come.

Arizona Point System

For every traffic citation you receive in Arizona, there are driving record points attached. If you choose to pay the ticket fines without dismissing it, the points attached to your citation will be applied to your driving record. Each violation has a specific number of points associated with it. Some common violations carry points as follows:

Type of Violation Points

Extreme DUI8
Reckless Driving8
Aggressive Driving8
Failure to Stop Resulting in Death6
Failure to Stop Resulting in Serious Injury4
Driving Over or Parking in a Gore Area3
All Other Moving Violations2

So now you know that Arizona traffic tickets have points attached to them if you don't dismiss them by attending an Arizona traffic school, but what do they do? Unfortunately, they can do some harm. If you acquire too many you can lose your driving privileges, pay additional fees, pay higher auto insurance rates and even become ineligible for certain jobs. Dismissing traffic tickets by completing a traffic school course is beneficial to Arizona drivers because doing so will keep your motor vehicle record clean, your insurance rates low and will make you a better, safer driver.

Keep Driving Record Clean

You already know that Arizona traffic tickets have points attached to them, but do you know why that is bad? Too many points can cause you to lose your driving privileges. The state of Arizona has a Driver Improvement program in place. If you accumulate more than 8 points in a 12 month period you may be required to attend a special Traffic Survival School or even have your license suspended. Each of these possibilities requires Time and Fees that you can easily avoid by simply attending an Arizona defensive driving course to dismiss your traffic tickets when you receive them. In addition, points on your driving record can make you ineligible for certain jobs that require background checks.

Keep Insurance Rates Low

Arizona auto insurance providers base your rate on a few different factors, one being your risk as a driver. Points on your driving record are an indication of an unsafe driver and will cause your auto insurance rates to rise. Even just one point can cause this increase. Additionally, many Arizona auto insurance providers offer discounts to drivers with clean records. Not dismissing your ticket with an Arizona traffic school course like our easy and convenient one can cost you hundreds every month.

Become a Better, Safer Driver

The reason your Arizona traffic ticket is dismissed after you complete an Arizona defensive driving course is because the program is designed to make you a better driver. The course will teach you defensive driving techniques and refresh your knowledge of Arizona traffic laws. After completion of the course you will be a safer driver, another great benefit of taking the program.

The benefits of completing an Arizona defensive driving course (also referred to as traffic school) when you receive a traffic ticket are huge compared to the short, 4½ hour online course you need to complete to do so. Register Now to reap the rewards of our easy, interactive course!

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