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Maricopa County Defensive Driving

Home to over half of the state's residents, Maricopa County has quite a few cars on the road at any given time. With a size larger than seven states and a population larger than 23 of them, there are plenty of Arizona traffic tickets given out every day. If you happen to be one of the unlucky drivers that were recently ticketed in Maricopa County, we have the answer to your problem. Our Arizona traffic school course is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court and will help you dismiss your traffic ticket and keep your auto insurance rates from increasing. You'll also become a better, more confident driver which may help prevent you from being in this position again for a long time!

Maricopa County Defensive Driving Course Features

Why Choose Arizona Driver?

Taking our Arizona traffic school course is the easiest and most convenient way to get traffic tickets dismissed in Maricopa County. You won't have to stress about the hefty fine or increased insurance premiums. Our course is affordable and you'll have access to all the tools needed to graduate and get your completion certificate. Simply register on our site, finish the course and pass the exam. As soon as you are done you will have access to print your completion certificate. Our online traffic course fulfills all state and court requirements and is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Easy and Convenient

Our online Maricopa County defensive driving program is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Even novices master the site in record time. The course is comprised of chapters with short quizzes and ends with a multiple-choice exam. Instead of presenting the curriculum in a boring way, colorful videos and interactive animations are used to present the course information in an engaging fashion, making learning the lessons much easier and enjoyable than with other Arizona traffic schools.

Study at Your Own Pace

The entire Arizona traffic school course can be completed right from the comfort of your home. You can also work at convenient intervals that fit into your schedule. It is the ideal solution for those with busy schedules, including busy students, active families and working professionals. Each time you log off, all of your work will be saved until you are ready to start again. Some like to finish the entire course in one sitting while others would rather work on a section at a time. Take care of your Arizona traffic ticket at whichever pace you prefer, just make sure to meet your deadline!

24/7 Support

Our Arizona traffic school program offers unsurpassed customer service. Our friendly reps are available 24/7 via email or live chat. Our customer service agents are very knowledgeable and can answer Arizona traffic ticket inquiries, solve technical issues and even clarify course questions. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we are just a moment away!

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